Welcome Lucy Wright

Published: 18 January 2019

Hello! My name is Lucy Wright and I am the new Research and Development Coordinator for the Models of Validation project.

My background is as a researcher of grassroots cultural participation—focussed in particular on folk and carnival arts—and I have a parallel practice as a socially-engaged artist, working within communities to tell ‘hidden’ stories of cultural value. My work often seeks to occupy the intermediary space between art and ‘the academy’, and aims to generate, as well as illustrate theory. (You can take a look at some of my current and past projects here: www.artistic-researcher.co.uk).

I completed my PhD in 2014 at Manchester Metropolitan University, and in 2015 co-authored the Validation Beyond the Gallery report with Prof Amanda Ravetz. I’m delighted to have this opportunity to contribute to the Models of Validation project which grew out of our original study and look forward to working with the team on some of the key deliverables of the KTP.

My first aim is to begin the development of an accessible—and fundamentally useful—online platform for social arts practitioners, informed by our research with artists, producers, commissioners and academics, and to work towards ensuring the continuity of the project into the future, in particular the critical writing showcased in the Social Works journal.

We’re also planning an event at Manchester School of Art in April, which will present some of our findings so far, and provide new opportunities to get involved in the next phase of the project. More details to follow!

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