Published: 21 June 2018

Who are the opportunities for?

The opportunities are open to anyone involved in the field of socially engaged practice, with a particular emphasis on artists. For more information please see the details of the specific opportunities advertised.


What are we looking for?

In all cases we are looking for exciting ideas that will support the issues listed below that were highlighted by our initial research. We are especially keen to emphasise that evidence of ethical rigour is essential to any proposal that involves working with participants.  


Why did we apply for money to support these opportunities?

After speaking with artists, commissioners, funders, local authorities, researchers, academics involved with socially engaged artistic practice at the start of this year, the Models of Validation Team applied for funding to address the following issues:

  • A lack of communication/communication is difficult between the people involved in socially engaged artistic practice and is hindering progress in the field.
  • A lack of connection between artists and funders in socially engaged artistic practice, which leads to frustration on both sides.
  • Isolation facing artists working in this way.
  • There is not enough support to encourage critical writing about socially engaged practice.

We designed the applications to be simple, flexible, well-funded and open to all.


When do the proposed activities have to take place?

Autumn/Winter 2018.


Is there payment for these opportunities?

Yes. All the opportunities are properly funded.  


Is there an entry fee?

No. Application is completely free, as it should be!


Do you have to be an Axisweb member to apply?

Nope. Application is open to all who are interested.


What is the deadline?

Midnight on 3rd July 2018.


Can you apply for more than one opportunity?

Yes, you are welcome to apply for as many of the opportunities as you see fit. However, please note it is very unlikely that you will be awarded more than one.


When will the announcements be made?

We aim to make the announcements mid-to-late July.


Rebecca Senior Rebecca Senior

Research and Development Coordinator

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