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What is PRAXIS?

We understand that students can feel overwhelmed and even underprepared for life after University, with whatever direction they decide to take. In response to this we’ve developed PRAXIS: a tailored programme of talks, mentoring and advice delivered online that focuses on supporting their journey as graduates. We partner with Universities in the UK to support the transition from final year students to graduates and give further development to 15 artists across a 14 week programme. 

Our aim is to connect recent graduates; giving them the time and resources to reflect, think and put things into practice. Each year we are joined by invited mentors who contribute to their learning. We are delighted to have finished our pilot year with graduates from Arts University Bournemouth.

Last year's guest mentors:

Amarha Spence / Abbie Canning/ Saelia Aparicio / Shy Bairns / Charmian Griffin. 

In addition to the programme we awarded 2 workshop commissions and 2 micro commissions to last year's cohort.

Selected micro commission artists:

Kinnari Saraiya
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"It's been really helpful to have access to Axis's resources and constant support, financially and through their membership network. It couldn't have come at a better time, post-graduation and in the middle of the pandemic."

Katie Unwin
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"The Micro commission is an amazing opportunity for me to grow as an artist. Allowing me to buy new equipment and giving me extra confidence that my work and concepts are supported by others, thank you Axis!"

Selected workshop commission artists:

Louise Hall
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Anya Bliss
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Check out Louise's and Anya's workshops below:


University offer

We partner with Universities in the UK to support the transition from final year students to graduates.

If you would like more information please contact: [email protected]