Location: Firstsite, Colchester, Essex.

'Claire Cansick’s (b.1971) new exhibition, You and I Are Earth – her first in a public gallery – acts as a stark reminder of the increasingly damaging effects of climate change.

After a summer scarred by wildfires across Europe and North America, accompanied by record temperatures and floods in countries across the globe, Firstsite’s presentation of Cansick’s exhibition is especially poignant. Featuring over 40 artworks, it is the culmination of a project the Norfolk-based artist began in 2022, intending to chart climate change-related weather events.

“The objective was to record an entire year of (TV news and social media) reports, effectively freeze-framing the fleeting images we are fed through various media, allowing time for appropriate reflection of their serious nature and then collectively observing the entire picture of climate change over 12 months,” she explains.

With this in mind, Firstsite is showing the entire collection of paintings in chronological order, with patterns of weather moving sequentially across the artworks. In so doing, an emerging repetition and rhythm becomes apparent.' Firstsite

Full Press Release: https://clairecansick.com/firstsite-press-release/

Website: https://firstsite.uk/event/claire-cansick-you-and-i-are-earth/

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