To Blend or Hybridise: The Spectrum of Phygital Participation

Event date: 18 November 2022

This webinar investigates the cross overs in the physical and the digital in participatory practice. In this session you will explore the variety offered in hybrid/blended working, as well as given insights into how to use digital as a material, a tool and a creative output. By the end of the session, you will have a better understand of how your participatory practice can lead how you incorporate digital in your work.

Chaired by John Whall, a Digital Participation Artist, Curator and Producer. He is also the Participation and Outreach Lead for artist led immersive storytelling arts organisation MBD (Metro Boulot Dodo) and uses digital tools and materials to creatively engage audiences with arts and contemporary culture.

As part of this session there will also be a panel discuss and Q&A, where you will hear from experienced sector professionals Sam Lindley (Creative Director of Threshold Studios/Co-Director of Frequency International Festival of Digital Culture), Stuart Moore (Artist and Education Coordinator at Fermynwoods Contemporary Art) and Tessa Buddle (Lead Artist at Collective Encounters) on working to develop community and cultural engagement experiences using combinations of the digital and physical. 

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