Nicola Naismith, 'Practising Well: Using reflection to support practice and wellbeing'

Event date: 18 May 2022

Nicola Naismith presents a participatory workshop on 'Practising Well: Using reflection to support practice and wellbeing'.

About Nicola:

Nicola Naismith is a visual artist, researcher, and Higher Education lecturer with over 25 years experience of working in the arts. She explore topics of value, labour, the workplace and wellbeing at work through self-initiated collaborations and by working to commission. She completed a Clore Fellowship in 2018 which led onto her first research report Artists Practising Well (2019) followed by Practising Well: Conversations & Support Menu (2022). Nicola works with a range of stakeholders in the arts - creative practitioners through mentoring, coaching and teaching, and with organisations to design, delivery and evaluate support programmes. She also shares her research work with UK Funders to support positive change in the sector.

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