In conversation with Bernadette Russell, author of 'How to Be Hopeful'

Event date: 12 January 2022

To celebrate the launch of the new Axis Book Club, start your new year on the right foot with Bernadette Russell’s inspiring read, How to be Hopeful.

How to Be Hopeful is your essential toolkit for rediscovering hope, empowering you to help create a kinder world. As an expert on the multipl benefits of hope and kindness, Bernadette Russell reveals how hope can be nurtured by all of us, even in uncertain times. Filled with 'try this' tips, cutting-edge research and tales of triumph over adversity, this compassionate guide will give you all you need to cultvate hope in yourself, in your community and in our future.

This FREE event takes the form of a conversation between Bernadette and Axis’s Lucy Wright.

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