New Art Highlights

20 - 26 February

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Anne Teahan, Tim Norris, Sarah Jeffries and nikkita morgan

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Hindsight, 2023 by Anne Teahan

Anne Teahan 

Axis artist Anne Teahan, has been commissioned by DAO (Disability Arts Online) to showcase new work on their website.

'Hindsight' combines digital animation and creative writing to exposing a mystery at the core of her grandmother’s life. Using drawing, paper sculpture, space and light, she creates a digital installation exploring Irish colonial history and family stories, which have many contemporary resonances.

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The Journey, 2013 by Tim Norris

Tim Norris 

The Journey was built for I Park, during my period as an Artist in Residence, culminating in the 2013 Environmental Art Biennale. I Park invites artists to retreat and respond to its unique landscape.

The form is constructed around a welded steel armature built from reclaimed reinforcement bar, ( I Park was formally an Architectural Salvage Yard there remains huge amounts of scrap metal and other materials available on hand.)

The steel armature is clad in a hard shell of Red oak bark, harvested from a 300 year old windblown oak. this surface conceals a soft underbelly of living moss, a luscious soft nest like interior. This layered globe reminiscent of the Earth, evokes ideas of protection or shelter.

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Boxed Bride No.7, 2023 by Sarah Jeffries

Sarah Jeffries 

Acrylic on plastic and satin underlay fabric.

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September 2022, 2022-2023 by nikkita morgan

nikkita morgan

Hand embroidered artwork depicting key stories from September 2022

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