New Art Highlights

2 - 8 January

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Dallas Collins, Ducky Elford, Jonathan Moss and Judith Alder

Resurrection, 2022 by Dallas Collins

Dallas Collins 

Throughout the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, my intention has always been to produce a piece of work with which people would be able to interact. Now we are we starting to take small steps toward recovery, the act of physical interaction has become more poignant for me in being able to reveal the art works presence and context. The colours produced in the work are represented and influenced by the stained glass windows from the south transept of the cathedral and the historical context and timeline of cultural and physical events that have taken place throughout its history. I feel the work can be seen as multi-faceted, as an architectural raft of light that streams from the stained glass window above or as rubble, detritus and debris from a bombed out building or ruined city. By trying to making connections to their very existence, these fragments of colour fill us with the evocative moments of a time in history and the stillness of thought of things still to come. They reveal themselves as a ghostly container for the presence of the past and hope of renewal of memories for the future in which we will all be able to live.

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A Mallard's Song, 2023 by Ducky Elford

Ducky Elford 

An interactive art piece that explores both the psychogeography of English landscapes and forgotten historical harms. The piece questions the English nationalistic love affair with politicised traditionalism and the toxic side effects this has had on individuals and marginalised groups.

I wanted to explore, through both storytelling and allegorical visual narratives, my difficult past experiences of English nationalism and identity, and the history and legacy of English environments and folklore. A particular focus was to be my own lived experience as a queer, neurodivergent artist who had grown up in a right-wing Christian Sect.

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VF15, 2022 by Jonathan Moss

Jonathan Moss 

Oil on aluminium. Part of a series of paintings and videos exploring the links between a micro and macro view of nature.

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Vital Signs, 14th February 2023 - 25th February 2023 by Judith Alder

Judith Alder  

Location: The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery

A new solo show featuring work from across almost ten years of projects focussing on the question 'what is life?'.

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