New Art Highlights

9 - 15 May

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Linda Izan, Sharon Baker, Liz Clifford and Jeanette Barnes.

Myer - From Now Until the End of Time’, 2022 by Linda Izan

Linda Izan

This story has been told for millennia but each individual will interpret the cultural and family links in a unique manner. The work pursues the unlocking of time, within specific family lines to a Seder (Passover). How the senses are evoked by the order, symbolism and corporeal recollection of the ceremonial plate as a centrepiece of the family table.

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Folding 1, 2022 by Sharon Baker

Sharon Baker 

pen and ink with paper marbling on handmade paper
mixed media
30 x 42.5 cm

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Breaking Surface, 2021 by Liz Clifford

Liz Clifford

This sculpture explores tensions between the natural and the manmade with particular reference to the brutality of wire fencing and the ability of trees to grow around constraints. The damage goes deep and the scars are visible on the surface. The materials are salvaged from both the landscape and the domestic sphere. Fabrics contrast with found metal, plastic, concrete and stone - the soft with the cold and hard. Layers of materials are contained in stacks of steel gabions and the soft corporeal forms break out from the mesh. A dialogue is established between the pair of forms as they reach towards each other. 

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Industrial Age, 2022 by Jeanette Barnes

Jeanette Barnes

Monotype responding to the work of German Photo duo Bernd & Hilla Becher

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