New Art Highlights

8 - 14 August

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Susan Eyre, Julie Umerle, Robert Dawson  and Elizabeth Hindle

The Compass Eye, 2022 by Susan Eyre

Susan Eyre

The Compass Eye considers the potential for the human eye to perceive the Earth’s magnetic field. Research shows birds have this capability activated by molecules in the retina of the eye when excited by blue light. The molecules produce radical pair electrons sensitive to the magnetic field and as these molecules are found within the photoreceptor cells it is possible birds may visualise the magnetic field lines to aid navigation. A similar molecule is also found in the human eye. It is of course the brain that must receive a signal from the eye by which we see. Independently of the cryptochrome molecule, research monitoring alpha wave activity shows the human brain does appear to be sensitive to a magnetic field albeit unconsciously.

Etching with pencil, magnets, iron filings.

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Blue Pentagon, 2022 by Julie Umerle

Julie Umerle 

Acrylic on canvas. Hard edged. Minimalist. Geometric.

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Wells Art Contemporary 2022, 30th July 2022 - 28th August by Robert Dawson

Robert Dawson

Location: Wells Cathedral, Wells, Somerset

To find a systematic pattern might be desired, but there isn’t one.


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Nostalgia: Summer, 2022 by Elizabeth Hindle

Elizabeth Hindle

An abstract mixed-media piece investigating the nostalgia of childhood summers and the legacy of memory. Bright, bold geometric forms are covered in a wash of black charcoal to produce an energetic landscape of colour and movement, from which distant memories peer out and are tumbled together with the shadows and texture of blackened charcoal.

Gouache, acrylic and compressed charcoal on a circular canvas, 2022.

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