New Art Highlights

7 - 13 November

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Kajal Nisha Patel, ROSE ROSE PhD, Sue Stone and Gemma Wood

Red, White & Blue (ii), 2016 - 2022 by Kajal Nisha Patel

Kajal Nisha Patel

From the series, Surplus Labour.

Work, Rest, Play (sub-series i)
(In progress)

An ongoing series consisting 35+ works, portrayed through mixed media and textiles.

The artist contrasts subaltern labour against the politics of power. This work relates to the hierarchies of artisanal production, urban-industrialisation and the ongoing exploitation of feminised labour.

Patriotism is considered through the Union Jack and Tricolour palettes, while the dominating effect of flag subordination is depicted through the monopoly of colour. Geometric shapes and symbols of the Russian avant-garde are used to portray the dynamic and restless nature of the industrial proletariat.

Worn female garments are obtained from the Indian working class and Dalit castes, alongside discarded scraps, to create rich metaphors and meanings about the devaluation of working class skill and labour.

The series uses Karl Marx's theory of alienation within the present day structures of neoliberal capitalism, as the artist aims to reclaim the value of her own labour. The series evolves into muted colours and golden hues, to reflect the sacred and experiential experience of making.

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5."The Ruined Harvest", 2022 by ROSE ROSE PhD

Rose Rose

An image as collage in response to the story in Book Three of THE MABINOGION. One in a series of ten collages in MYTHOLOGICAL LANDSCAPES?

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Shifts and Allusions Exhibition, 14 January to 12 March 2023 by Sue Stone

Sue Stone 

Shifts and Allusions - Sue Stone solo exhibition runs from 14 January to 12 March at The Hub, Sleaford, Lincs NG34 7TW

In this exhibition Sue Stone’s inspiration comes from real and imagined journeys through time. The stories of people and places often intentionally express more than one meaning and she invites you to take a really good look and find your own interpretation of her work.

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NETWORK, 2022 by Gemma Wood

Gemma Wood

Network is a large scale inflatable artwork that represents a network of neurons. Neurons act as the processor in our bodies and brain. Taking in the sensory information, they connect and make sense of the world around us.

Though the installation is large scale, it is also modular. Each neuron links to the next in the same way a neuron does in the brain. This means smaller venues can get in on the action, and larger venues can create a huge impact. They have lights installed that impulse and move through from neuron to neuron, mimicking the energy and messages in our body and mind. There is also a soundscape to fully immerse the visitor in the feeling of entering a mind.

The engagement opportunity in this work is to record sound, it could be people talking about memories or experiences anything that involves thought. The first edition of this work involved people writing and reading out letters to their own body in a conversation format.

This work was produced in partnership with @Kwoklabs at The university of Leeds, and often The Broken Orchestra.

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