New Art Highlights

7 - 13 March

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Jeremy Gluck, Robert McCubbin, Aaron Scott Griffin and Phil Whiting.

Emergence, 2022 by Jeremy Gluck

Jeremy Gluck

“It is the one who accepts commitment who is strong. The true commitment is the artistic one. This is why artists are so often attacked. They are attacked for their morals, for their ideas – even for their work. Yet their essence – their commitment – is the secret that is unassailable. The true artist knows that creativity is its own reward. Ordinary people fear commitment, you see. Ordinary people fear creativity. They know that if they allow that seething cauldron of yellow liquid to boil over within themselves, then their whole lives will be changed. People fear change. People do not wish to be creative and artistic in any real sense. They wish to decorate, perhaps, and to make things around themselves pleasant – but this has little to do with creativity. … All spiritual paths should be creative. Creativity is involved with sacrifice. That stew of yellow liquid which boils in everyone is a sacrificial broth …”
Mark Hedsel, The Zelator: A Modern Initiate Explores the Ancient Mysteries

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Perspective (structure), 2022 by Robert McCubbin

Robert McCubbin 

Digitally manipulated card collage with textual content.

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The Billy Sweet, 2022 by Aaron Scott Griffin

Aaron Scott Griffin 

The Billy Sweet was commissioned by the Norwich Bid team as part of their emerging artists program for the Love Light Norwich Festival, 2022.

The Billy Sweet is constructed from 8mm, 5mm and 3mm acrylic and features an elaborate floral design etched across its surface. The piece is under lit by LED's which causes the design to bloom from the objects surface.

The title refers to a type of mortar that is mixed with dirt and detritus. Consequently the mortar never truly sets. Commonly used in the construction of inner city slums across the UK during the industrial revolution.

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Sarajevo, Aleppo, Mariupol... the list goes on. 'Places of Mourning in the Western World' series, 1995 - 2022 by Phil Whiting

Phil Whiting

...and now The Ukraine!

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