New Art Highlights

5 - 11 September

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Kyra Clegg, Emily Joy, Denise Startin and Sue Mann

Rising Tides, 2022 by Kyra Clegg

Kyra Clegg

Work in progress

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Even a Stopped Wheel, 2020 by Emily Joy

Emily Joy 

Collaborative work made in residence at the University of Gloucestershire.

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D709.04ART, 2013 - 2021 by Denise Startin

Denise Startin

Hand coloured photo litho

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Dwelling, 2022 by Sue Mann

Sue Mann

Layers of charcoal drawings on pergamenata paper, steel frame

Inspired by Juhani Pallasmaa's article, 'Dwelling in Light: Tactile, emotive and life enhancing light', research prompted thinking about the impact of exterior light on interior spaces, shining a light on preserving our sense of interior life. The work comprises layers of charcoal drawings on pergamenata paper and is installed to respond to natural light and enable active experience of the exterior and interior of the drawings.

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