New Art Highlights

4 - 10 April

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Luke Harby, Denise Startin, John Paul Evans and Lucy Bevin

Mimic variable, 2022 by Luke Harby

Luke Harby

Abstract still lifes.

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Tango, It takes two, 2013 by Denise Startin

Denise Startin 

Photography, Conceptual Art, Performative

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John Paul Evans 'what is lost...what has been' Mission Gallery Swansea, 2022 by John Paul Evans

John Paul Evans

My exhibition 'what is lost...what has been' opens today at Mission Gallery Swansea.

The show runs until May 14.

More info here

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Family History part 1, 2022 by Lucy Bevin

Lucy Bevin

The work explores our coexistence with objects in the home and how memory contributes to their function. Based initially on a specific house with a family history the objects are a combination of clutter and personal, cherished possessions or memory objects. The house, the rooms, the objects all form the back drop which allows and maintains a sense of self-identity and a sense of being inside. The interaction or confrontation with these objects may disrupt the sense of identity. Like Miss Havisham's objects they control time, they both conspire and disrupt by representing the past and informing a continuation in the present, but more importantly the objects including the house form the framework within which interactions can take place and a sense of self maintained.

Materials wood, plaster, found objects, acrylic paint.

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