New Art Highlights

3 - 9 January

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Lyndsey Gilmour, Lucy Stevens, Pippa Eason and Charlotte Cullen.

Four, 2014 by Lyndsey Gilmour

Lyndsey Gilmour 

Oil on steel.

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An Asylum of Cuckoos, 2022 by Lucy Stevens

Lucy Stevens 

Created in 2021 using emulsion, spray paint, and collage on 640gsm paper

In reference to the Leicestershire and Rutland Ornithological Society observations of Cuckoo numbers from 1979 - 2019. The number of Cuckoos (as individuals and groups of up to six) has significantly declined. This piece uses colours inspired by the Cuckoo and a concentric circle graph to demonstrate the data.

Size: 31 x 38.9 cm

Exhibited at StudionAme as part of a solo exhibition to explore the effects of climate change on bird species. Working in collaboration with scientists and experts in the natural world from the British Trust of Ornithology and the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust.

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Install shot from Funny, Blurry & Everything Hazy, PINK Manchester, 2021 by Pippa Eason

Pippa Eason 

A solo exhibition at PINK Manchester in 2021 - curated and produced by Mark Devereux Projects.

Taken from MDP's Website:

'Our memories are often intangible, abstracted combinations of objects, relationships and moments in time. We celebrate, reminisce and mourn for what they were or what they could have been. Funny, blurry and everything hazy is a solo exhibition of new works by artist Pippa Eason at PINK, Manchester, in which she combines her own childhood memories with stories collected from people she has spoken to over the last 2-years of her research project.

Eason has embraced the act of childhood play to create a series of whimsical works, building a sensory explosion of vivid colour, humour and familiarity. Ranging from large-scale hanging drawings, tiny sculptures moving through the space and life-size inanimate objects spewing sugary odors from their pores, the artist invites us to enter her sensory world of imagination and recollect our own memories of joyful times.'

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They Might Fight, 2021 by Charlotte Cullen

Charlotte Cullen 

Salvaged tin. 2021

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