New Art Highlights

28 November - 4 December

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Iain Andrews, Nessie Stonebridge, Dex Hannon and Paul Evans

The Temptation of St.Anthony, 2022 by Iain Andrews

Iain Andrews

acrylic and oil on canvas

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Headshot Heartdrive, 2022 by Nessie Stonebridge

Nessie Stonebridge

Ceramic sculpture

My sculptures come from the earth, they are drawn up from the soil and from the energy that is produced from the ground. I feel a massive urge to produce work that I can feel and hold and form; it becomes part of me and my deep emotional bond with Mother Nature.
The grabbing of clay in its raw state and with no initial idea of where the clay was going to be placed, formed or created, the energy in my hands produced the work. I was just the tool to be used for its own creation.

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The Fury, 2022 by Dex Hannon

Dex Hannon 

This work is about:

Digital remix of the painting ‘Fury in the eyes of those left Behind’ 

The original painting represents, Life changing fast, too fast for some. technology brings people together, but it also causes inequality. It separates and alienates, leaving some behind. The remix takes that concept and turns it on its head. The insects roam across the surface of the painting. Without a thought for humanities problems.

This is limited edition of 5 only. Once 5 have been sold the original file is destroyed. Only a low resolution file copy is kept.

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LIFE GAME | eulogies, 2021 - 2022 by Paul Evans

Paul Evans

Cutting-edge conservation research blends with art and design to create two exciting, contrasting responses to mass extinction. Artist Paul Evans has been working in collaboration with Professor David Edwards and his team at the Department of Biosciences, developing and producing LIFE GAME. This engaging, playable artwork will involve participants in a high stakes contest to save life on Earth.

Evans has also been working with filmmaker Jon Harrison to produce a series of emotional film shorts featuring five ‘future eulogies’ for endangered species, written and performed by conservation scientists from Professor Edwards’ research group.

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