New Art Highlights

23 - 29 May

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Anna Sellen, James Eddy, Sally Taylor and Simon Woolham.

Exhibition launch ‘Drip by drip, we are fed with concrete’ May 2022 by Anna Sellen

Anna Sellen

Winner of FORMAT2021 Shutter Hub portfolio award, Wales-based photographer and artist Anna Sellen launches virtual multimedia exhibition ‘Drip by drip, we are fed with concrete’ at CULTVR Portal in May 2022.

‘Drip by drip, we are fed with concrete’ (2020 - 2022) by Anna Sellen can now be accessed via CULTVR Portal:

Anna questions the Cold War legacy through the physical space of the bunker and her family archive. She uses photography, oral history, archives and diaries to examine her own and her family’s lived experiences in the Soviet Union between 1952 and 1986. She is interested in the impact of the political decisions, state-driven silencing and misinformation on people’s lives and identities, from one generation to the next, and what this means in today’s world.

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'Enlightenment', 2021 by James Eddy

James Eddy 

Free standing ring fish shoal sculpture, LED lighting for shadows...

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Head and Shapes (yellow tape), 2022 by Sally Taylor

Sally Taylor

Graphite, colour pencil, tape on found cardboard.

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'Entering Uncharted Terrain', 2020 - 2022 by Simon Woolham

Simon Woolham

'Entering Uncharted Terrain' is built from the textures of history of Rogue Artists' Studios & Project Space CIC (formerly Varna Street Primary School). As part of the process I develop songs from the narrative of collecting and building the drawing, these songs evolved from the drawing process of 'Entering Uncharted Terrain' were then performed with the Gorton Community Voice Choir, a number of which went to Varna school Primary School in the 1950s. This is part of 'Drawing In Breathing Out', a co-curated show with Mike Chavez Dawson for the British Art Show 9 and A Modest Show collateral Programme.

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