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22 - 28 August

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Darshana Vora, Matthew Cort, Irene Rogan and Alice Forward

Urban Pilgrimage series, 2022 by Darshana Vora

Darshana Vora


Walking seems to be an underlying theme in many of my drawings and moving image works. The Urban Pilgrimage Series brings some of my photo walks together in an unbound artist's book in a box. Each box has a selection of 16-17 A3 prints with text and images contextualising the theme.

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table, boxes, books, height 1:1, 2, 2021 by Matthew Cort

Matthew Cort 

A representation of my Living Room table stacked with cardboard boxes containing books, in which all the horizontal dimensions have been reduced by a factor of 8 and all the vertical dimensions have been preserved; resulting in a radical modification that both preserves all the objects' features and opens up new symbolic possibilities for them.

painted plywood, steel, card, epoxy resin, paper

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Flaming Fleeces, 2019 - 2022 by Irene Rogan

Irene Rogan


Flaming Fleeces is Irene Rogan’s response to the current plight of Cumbrian farmers – who are burning and burying fleeces – unable to sell them in the UK, where the market value is just forty pounds for six-hundred fleeces.

The work is an exploration of a contentious issue within the agricultural community and the strong opposition to sheep farming, through long-term problems with the agricultural industry in the UK.
Burning a number of fleeces was a significant act – part of a series of interventions – giving exposure to the amount of waste and loss – loss in practical, financial, and emotional terms of the rearing of sheep, and through that of the burning of an organic, sustainable, biodegradable material.
In a series of installations ‘Flaming Fleeces‘. are located in landscapes in which it is possible to trace human settlement back over thousands of years and in which ways of living are subject to an ongoing process of adapting. Specifically,' Flaming Fleeces', offer a lament to the nation's heritage as a wool producer, now being bought in bulk and transported overseas for marginally more money, it reflects upon the ways in which this once valued fibre has now become little more than a waste product in the UK.

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Goelcerth (Honnen) // Pyre (Ash), 2022 by Alice Forward

Alice Forward

Watercolour on paper, 98 x 75 x 3.5 cm framed
painted during lockdown and the felling of scores of ash trees in our valley

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