New Art Highlights

21 - 27 November

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Sarah Kudirka, Barbara Beyer, Jill Impey and Liz Clifford

A flag for the dunes (a bowl, a boat), 2004 - 2022 by Sarah Kudirka

Sarah Kudirka

Oil painting on linen.
Shown in Finding the Wonder, Tatha Gallery, Newport-on-Tay, Nov-Dec 2022

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Possibilities, 2022 by Barbara Beyer

Barbara Beyer

Installation shot of Possibilities, Together We rise, Chichester Cathedral 2022
The group of large ceramic vessel shapes echo the form of the chalice in the German Anglo Tapestry relating to the miracle story of St Richard. These vessel shapes have gone through a process indicated by the story of the dropped yet unspilled chalice. Each vessel was hand built out of clay, filled with colourful slip (liquid) then dropped or tipped over while still soft. The distorted and damaged vessel shapes were then fired. They show a remanence of the liquid they contained and the deformation created through the drop. The fired ceramic shapes are displayed in a group in the area in front of the tapestry and the shrine. They might bring to the surface a moment of losing and retaining, breaking and healing, dropping and saving.

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The Weather Report, film 14 mins, 2022 by Jill Impey

Jill Impey 

The subtitled short film, funded by Arts Council England in 2020/21, is a powerful and moving record of the thoughts and voices of women from coastal, immigrant and creative communities (in England in 2021 and New Zealand in 2019). They explore their feelings about the weather, the sea, migration, colonisation, notions of connection and what it means to be ‘A Good Ancestor’.

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Symbio-Being 2, 2022 by Liz Clifford

liz clifford

This floor hugging work balances on one edge of the gabion basket cube, with a resulting springiness. The tubing and other domestic remnants are suggestive of innards and limbs. It is part of a bigger grouping of sculptures.

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