New Art Highlights

20 - 26 June

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Ronnie Danaher, Paul R Jones, Charys Wilson and Stuart Dodman

iConfess, 2022 by Ronnie Danaher

Ronnie Danaher

Ronnie Danaher’s first solo exhibition iConfess asks what sinning looks like in a world devoted to data. Blocking cookies? That’s a sin. Hiding your location? That’s a sin. Deleting all social media and going off the grid? That’s a mortal sin.

The video featured in the exhibition has been made through participatory workshops with young people at University of Leeds’ Saturday Art Club and Leeds Art Gallery’s Youth Collective. The gallery will echo the environment of a sacred space, but one devoted to a proposed religion which worships the spread of digital data, called ‘Dataism’. Drawing on a Catholic upbringing, this project situates the British relationship with data within the Catholic traditions of faith, sin, confession and absolution.

Made possible with funding from Arts Council England and Leeds Inspired.

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ARE WE THERE YET?, 2021 by Paul R Jones

Paul R Jones 

Alec Shepley & Paul R Jones

Gosodiad gan artistiaid Ogledd Cymru Alec Shepley and Paul R Jones ac archwylio’u gweithgareddau a’u hymarfer darganfodol. Yn croesi-drosodd o gelf a ‘di-gelf’, penderfynoldeb a diffyg pwrpas, mae eu gwaith yn darparu cyfle i gwestiynnu y natur a’r gwerth o gelf ac atgyfnerthu’r syniad o’i anniffinoldeb. Mae’r arddangosfa hon yn dwyn ynghyd gweithiau a grëwyd yn benodol ar gyfer yr oriel ac yn gyrru ymlaen yr effeithiau cadarnhaol o wneud dim yn ôl pob sôn a sut y gall hyn arwain at rywbeth diddorol.


An installation by north Wales-based artists Alec Shepley and Paul R Jones and exploring their activities and located practices. Crossing-over between art and ‘not-art’, purposefulness and purposelessness, their works provide an opportunity to question the nature and value of art and reinforce the notion of its indefinability. This exhibition brings together works created specifically for the gallery and forwards the positive effects of apparently doing nothing and how this can lead to something interesting.

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3 in the morning, 2022 by Charys Wilson

Charys Wilson

3 in the morning, 2022
Wood, projection screen, animation, plastic blinds, sandbags with hessian.
345cm x 245cm

Late November, I noticed the shadow of a flag projected onto a house by a sodium streetlamp. The shadow almost completely enveloped the front of the house, undulating in the wind, covering the windows.
This image held me, grounded me, and for a moment kept me present.
I wondered what the rhythmic motion of the shadows must look like from within, how it would fill the window, the calming ebb and flow as it moved with the wind.
There was something so striking about this huge shadow; how, despite its sheer enormity it had been striped of all symbolism and existed only in its physicality.

Technical animation assistance from Fiona McLaughlin.

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W70, 2022 by Stuart Dodman

Stuart Dodman

Oil on canvas, drawn into.

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