New Art Highlights

18 - 24 April

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Chris Wilson, Chris Dunseath, Annette Jane Pugh and Dex Hannon

Dividing Lines II, 2022 by Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson

Acrylic on canvas.

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Palstave Axe Variation # 8, 2021 by Chris Dunseath

Chris Dunseath 

From a series of sculptures that are influenced by the Bronze Age Axes found in the Museum of Somerset's Heritage Stores. A unique cast in bronze by Castle Fine Arts Foundry.

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Subtropical, 2022 by Annette Jane Pugh

Annette Jane Pugh

A work exploring secret and overlooked areas found in British seaside resorts, parks and gardens.

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As Above So Below, 2021 by Dex Hannon

Dex Hannon

Oil on canvas
Inspired by the song Blood and Fire - Manu Chao.

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