New Art Highlights

17 - 23 January

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Gill Forsbrook, Ainsley Hillard, Sarah Lovett and Ruth Spencer.

Sky wall piece, 2018 by Gill Forsbrook

Gill Forsbrook 

Printed aluminium disc with spray paint, gold leaf and thermoplastic tubes. 20cm diameter.

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Anemone, 2022 by Ainsley Hillard

Ainsley Hillard 

Double cloth tapestry weaving, cotton warp and weft.

Artwork: 93cm (h) x 120cm (w)
Framed: 104cm (h) x 131cm (w)

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Green Woman, Horned, 2022 by Sarah Lovett

Sarah Lovett 

A Bath limestone carving of a horned green woman with all kinds of flora and fauna.

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Gerrits room, 2018 by Ruth Spencer

Ruth Spencer 

One of a series of paintings on architects spaces or rooms. This is based on Gerrit Rietvelds's cabin by the sea.

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