New Art Highlights

16 - 22 May

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Estelle Woolley, Andrea Geile, Sophy King and Emma J Williams.

A Forager's Manual; How To Get Lost During A Global Pandemic, 2021 by Estelle Woolley

Estelle Woolley

A collaborative project with Edinburgh based documentary photographer Jaime Molina, originally from Colombia.

The 'Swarm’ mask is created from an abandoned wasp nest with foraged wildflowers and is almost paper-like in texture. Emerging from this are wasps, placed by the artist to parallel the fear she initially felt with covid as something unwanted and fearful moving through the air. The mask is unsettling on a number of levels and could perhaps be described as uncanny. Uncanniness is a Freudian term used to describe the feeling of unfamiliar experiences in familiar situations. In unfamiliar situations we expect to experience the unfamiliar and so this does not disturb us. However, if something is familiar but not quite right, this is unsettling. In The Uncanny Freud describes this as a “[particular] class of frightening which leads back to what is known of old and long familiar” (1919, p.219). He explains this in terms of its familiarity, but a familiarity that triggers fear, horror, and terror. The uncanny object is familiar yet strange; we are attracted and repulsed at the same time and this feeling unnerves us. Not only are wasps and wasp nests unnerving but the material is paired with the threat of a very real, deadly virus in a very unknowing time.

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Klorofyllans Flykt, 2022 by Andrea Geile

Andrea Geile 

Corten steel
3m tall
Created during 2.International Sculpture Symposium Svaloev.
Permanently installed at Fridhems Musik Folkshogskola, Sweden.

In July 2017 Andrea was invited to take part in a 12-day international sculpture symposium in South Sweden. During this intense work period she created a new 10 foot tall public art work. The sculpture references the garden town character of Svaloev and the conversion of the former agricultural college into the new music school. The sculpture marks the newly created entrance to the school. The photograph was taken during the ongoing landscaping work.

With thanks to Ove and Robert Harding for an unforgettable time!

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Micro Meadows, 2022 by Sophy King

Sophy King

Micro Meadow, 2022, work in progress.

An experiment in urban rewilding and biodiversity regeneration. Created using found, recycled and hoarded materials: drainage layer leftover from a green roof I made; Manchester Camerata vinyl pulled out of a skip years ago, and sitting in my shed ever since; cardboard water retention layer that my new pear tree came wrapped in. The substrate and seed are courtesy of @tonazoid as part of the 100m2 rewilding project.

Part of Rogue Rewilding

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Pyrtle Spring Tree Roots, 2021 by Emma J Williams

Emma J Williams

Pen and ink drawing over map.

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