New Art Highlights

14 - 20 March

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Lesley Bunch, Matthew Webber, Victoria Lucas and Pen Dalton.

Shadow Sculpture 2, 2022 by Lesley Bunch

Lesley Bunch

Oil on wooden panel.

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Canopy, 2022 by Matthew Webber

Matthew Webber 

Oil & acrylic on canvas
30 cm x 30 cm

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Coalesce, 2021 by Victoria Lucas

Victoria Lucas 

Coalesce (2021) is a video projection that incorporates a disembodied female voice, alongside found documentation of quarry explosions and abstracted moving image gathered at the site. The breathe, and deep meditative vocal sounds, contribute to an atmospheric and spiritual reconnection with the non-human agents visualised, as bodily boundaries are disassembled and refigured using editing processes.

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Saeed, 2021 by Pen Dalton

Pen Dalton

Paint applied in various ways, dribbled, impasto'd, blended. Incorporating textile pattern from my favourite fabric shop in Walthamstow High street: Saeeds.

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