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10 - 16 October

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Caro Williams, Irene Rogan, Hilary Barry and Harriet Hill

Terra Exhibition, 19th October 2022 - 23rd October 2022 by Caro Williams

Caro Williams 

Location: Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG

Very pleased to be taking part in the TERRA Exhibition curated by

“... These 48 ‘Earth Ambassadors’ with their poetic yet poignant creative approaches to the theme TERRA, aim to engage the public with environmental issues through the arts and to inspire and empower more artists and audiences to engage and respond to the climate crisis.....”

19-23 Oct 12-8 pm daily
PRIVATE VIEW - Thursday 20 Oct from 6-9 pm
ARTIST TALKS - Sunday 23 Oct from 4-6 pm

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Whited Sepulchres - nuclear semiotics, 2022 by Irene Rogan

Irene Rogan 

Whited Sepulchres - Nuclear Semiotics

Millom town has become the focus of national interest as a potential location for a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) or, in plain English, a nuclear dump. Research is now well underway to assess the viability of tunnelling from Millom out under the Irish Sea in order to build this storage facility. This form of disposal has been banned in most other countries.
This new artwork is witness to Irene Rogan assuming a more activist role; seeking to join a campaign to resist such facilities on or around the UK mainland. The installation is multi-layered insofar as it draws on science, science fiction and nostalgia to evoke an image of the potentially dystopian futures such interventions may bring. Inspired by miniature railway dioramas this tableau evokes the spirit of Millom as a seaside holiday resort juxtaposed with the railway with its freight of white nuclear containers or 'Whited Sepulchres'.

The term 'nuclear semiotics' has recently gained currency in relation to the question of how to communicate nuclear hazards to future generations. The installation suggests a loss of memory in the immediate as people—self-destructively—crowd around the nuclear flasks and try to enter the tunnel where the nuclear waste is stored under the sea.
A glimpse even further into the future, possibly in excess of 10,000 years, is represented by the golden baubles. This latter image draws on research suggesting single-cell microorganisms–Geobacters and Reno cocci—may be able, over vast periods of time, to metabolise this waste material. But given that we have already produced unanticipated levels of danger to the whole world, we ask, are they friend or foe?

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Before and After Summer, 2022 by Hilary Barry

Hilary Barry 

My intention is to evoke memories, experiences in the viewer.
I have recently begun to work on a vertical “slice” of the landscape allowing the image to develop, allowing accidental colour combinations and surfaces to emerge.

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PEACE CAMP, 2022 by Harriet Hill

Harriet Hill

Peace Camp was a 4 day event co-curated with Beaconsfield gallery, London and Minna Haukka, alongside an exhibition of paintings by the Swedish painter Monica Sjöö. Celebrating the Women's Peace Camps of Greenham Common 40+ years on the event brought together artists and academics from then and now who are exploring the relevance of the Greenham camps today through ongoing inquiry into art as protest.

As part of the event I led two short P.E.A.C.E walks with letter costumes, from the Feminist Library to Beaconsfield and from there to Parliament Square and back.
Inspired by images of structures at the military base I made 'Watchtower' to overlook the camp, pasted inside with copies of posters, articles, letters, images etc. from the Greenham archives at the Feminist Library.

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