New Art Highlights

1 - 7 August

New Art Highlights of the week includes: tjb, Peter Walker, Jon Pask and Lady Kitt

TF2014, 2014 by tjb


Artistic Director

Tempting Failure 2014, from 3rd to 8th November in 6 different locations across Bristol City, including The Island, The Bear Pit, The Edwardian Cloakroom, The Birdcage, Castle Park & the streets of Stokes Croft.
Curating 50 artists from 15 countries. It consisted of over 66 performances and events, including 20 premieres. There were two days of talks and three days of masterclasses, including a 24 hour workshop experience with VestAndPage.

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BEING HUMAN - CONNECTION, 2022 by Peter Walker

Peter Walker 

Large scale installation sculpture "Connection" as part of Peter Walker's Being Human exhibition at Liverpool Cathedral 2022

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Solar Powered Noise Maker, 2015 - 2019 by Jon Pask

Jon Pask

Solar Panel. Noise Making Circuitry. CD Case. Noise Maker Powered By Fluorescent Shop Lighting.

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The Good Books, 2022 by Lady Kitt

Lady Kitt

Giant paper installation in 300 year old Cosins' Library, Durham
July 24th- Sunday 14 August 2022
Commissioned by Durham University as part of SitC Festival
Created by Lady Kitt in response to 18 month social art residency at Cosins' Library with artist Sofia Barton

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