New Art Highlights

8 - 14 March 

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Theresa Easton, Stuart Dodman, Alice Banfield and Robert McCubbin.

Broadside Collaboration Launch, 16th March 2021 by Theresa Easton

Theresa Easton 

Location: on-line

Marking UN International Anti-Racism Day, join Sheree Mack and Theresa Easton in conversation with host Wajid Hussain, as they discuss the creative process of printmaking and launch their broadside collaboration.

Sheree Mack, Creatrix together with Theresa Easton have been working on a series of small broadsides capturing the proclamations and statements of Sheree Mack in response to the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests. The series of prints embed Sheree’s hand drawn marks using photo-lithography and silk-screen, overprinted with traditional letterpress type. Theresa Easton is a printmaker with an interest in traditional broadsides and radical ephemera. This online discussion and virtual exhibition offer the opportunity in true broadside tradition to distribute and disseminate radical analogue statements using a digital format.

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Four Fingers and a bit of a thumb (Magic). 2021 by Stuart Dodman

Stuart Dodman 

Oil on canvas.

Part of the very slow and sporadic fingers series

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Felt Tip Series, 2021 by Alice Banfield

Alice Banfield 

1. Sweaty Phone Ritual.

2. Itchy Eye Rash.

3. Naughty Anvil.

4. Elixir

Felt Tip on Fine Grain paper.

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FAIRTRADE, 2021 by Robert McCubbin

Robert McCubbin 

Mixed-media collage

25 x 13 cm

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