New Art Highlights

8 - 14 February

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Rhiannon Lowe, Stella Baraklianou, Clara Casian and Marianne Walker.

Trans Panic (knuckle dusters), 2021 by Rhiannon Lowe

Rhiannon Lowe 

Knuckle dusters, 3D print render image, created in collaboration with Ric Bower, as part of exhibition at Mission Gallery, 2021.

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How to do the flowers, 2020 - 2021 by Stella Baraklianou

Stella Baraklianou 

Digitally altered flower arrangements. Using found images from flower arranging manuals of the 1960's I have manipulated the original photographs and incorporated real flowers in some of them.

The gold element relates to the use of reflectors and lighting tools in still-life studio photography.

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Sediments - Barrow Islands, 2018 - 2019 by Clara Casian

Clara Casian 

Sediments – Barrow Islands

Single Channel Digital Video / 25 mins / 2019

Sediments – Barrow Islands explores the history of Barrow in Furness and the tensions between natural and man-made environment, strange earth’s metamorphosis caused by traces of ecological processes and environmental cleanup: Roosecote Power Station near Cavendish Dock, British Cellophane Factory in Sandscale Haws, and Askam slag bank. The film’s narrative arc follows first-hand experiences, personal records and testimonies interwoven with observations of strange sediments and biological traces in connection with the natural transformations in Barrow Islands due to industrialisation.

Commissioned by Art Gene in association with The Islands and Bays of Barrow-In-Furness Coastal Team

An excerpt of the video can be seen here.

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Mask of an Old God, 2019 by Marianne Walker

Marianne Walker 

Graphite pencil on sculpted paper-clay, 2019.

This three-dimensional drawing was inspired by the fabled mask of Agamemnon discovered by Heinrich Schliemann. The nose was added to the sculpted face form for additional challenge in drawing across the surface. The graphite drawing has been applied like a skin to the whole surface of the mask and its metallic qualities give it a quotidian glamour in a nod to the shining gold of the original.

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