New Art Highlights

31 May - 6 June

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Harriet Hill, Chantal Powell, Paul Critchley and Fiona Bradford.

HOME-ing: a live art odyssey on foot from London to Wales, 2021 by Harriet Hill

Harriet Hill 

A doubt-riddled monologue to the sound of pleasure.

Shot on Zoom and Quicktime; mixed, performed & recorded via DJ Pro.

Am I taking too long?
Is this taking too long?
Are you comfortable?
Is this good?
Am i good?
Does this feel good?
Is your arm ok?
Was it a good investment?
Am i?
Does it feel like the right decision?
Are you glad ?

What good can yet another video do in this oversaturated world?

Is it too rushed?
Am I rushing you?
Am I keeping you from doing other things?
Am I too fast?
Am I too slow?
Should I speed up?
Should I catch my breath?
Should I allow you to catch yours?

Commissioned by VLTV. More info:

Please contact me for a link to the work.

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Night Sea Journey Study (Boats and Ladder), 2021 by Chantal Powell

Chantal Powell 

Glazed ceramic.

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Galerie Honingen - group exhibition with guest artist Paul Critchley, 10th June 2021 by Paul Critchley

Paul Critchley  

Location: Galerie Honingen Lange Tiendeweg 40, 2801 KJ Gouda The Netherlands

Galerie Honingen, a leading realism gallery reopens with a group exhibition of painting and sculpture which includes diptych and triptych paintings by guest artist Paul Critchley.

Open Thursday - Saturday 11 am - 5 pm and by appointment

Galerie Honingen
Lange Tiendeweg 40
2801 KJ Gouda
The Netherlands

+31 (0)6 14 48 62 74
[email protected]

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Asparagus Season, 2021 by Fiona Bradford

Fiona Bradford



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