New Art Highlights

5 - 11 April

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Jeannie Driver, Jane Mellor, Andrew Revell, Julie Derbyshire.

The Space Between, 2021 by Jeannie Driver

Jeannie Driver 

Commissioned for the Dazzle & Disrupt exhibition at Quay Arts, Isle of Wight.

This installation expands Jeannie's wall installations into the 3D space as walk in drawing.

Based on the isometric grid, the installation of charcoal coated shapes and paper lines, appear on the wall. Hovering shapes in the mid and foreground, invite the viewer into the drawing, to frame their own view and look for space between. Through this movement, lines interact and distance is put into question, reflecting the intention of the Dazzle designs purpose of altering the perception of distance, movement and scale.

11 wall mounted charcoal rhomboid forms, charcoal coated paper strips, stainless steel pins, 4 suspended rhomboid forms, three spines with charcoal coated paper strips, light and shadow.

Image credit: Julian Winslow

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Object, 2020 by Jane Mellor

Jane Mellor 

Graphite drawing on Fabriano paper.

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Little Golgotha, 2021 by Andrew Revell

Andrew Revell 

Full title: Little Golgotha

Series number: #10 Grok Series
Date: 2021
Medium: Welded steel, beeswax finish
Dimension: H26cm X W30cm X D21cm,
Weight: 6.1kg
Provenance: Consigned to Noon-Powell Fine Art
Information: Unique, freely constructed sculpture from welded steel stock and found objects, acid rusted patina, hot dipped in traditional blacksmith beeswax finish.

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Untitled 4, Envelop(e)s (from the series Possession), 2021 by Julie Derbyshire

Julie Derbyshire 

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