New Art Highlights

31 May - 6 June

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Elly Clarke, Blair Cunningham, Judith Alder and Gary James Williams.

Performance Anxiety, 2020 by Elly Clarke

Elly Clarke 

A doubt-riddled monologue to the sound of pleasure.

Shot on Zoom and Quicktime; mixed, performed & recorded via DJ Pro.

Am I taking too long?
Is this taking too long?
Are you comfortable?
Is this good?
Am i good?
Does this feel good?
Is your arm ok?
Was it a good investment?
Am i?
Does it feel like the right decision?
Are you glad ?

What good can yet another video do in this oversaturated world?

Is it too rushed?
Am I rushing you?
Am I keeping you from doing other things?
Am I too fast?
Am I too slow?
Should I speed up?
Should I catch my breath?
Should I allow you to catch yours?

Commissioned by VLTV. More info:

Please contact me for a link to the work.

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River Story, 2018 by Blair Cunningham

Blair Cunningham 

This new public artwork is part of the major regeneration of Denny town centre, Scotland. The focus of the work is local history and geography. The work uses archive images of historical history, such as the foundry’s and the local prehistoric

Broch, geography such as the river Carron which runs through the town, and a text that threads together the themes of past present and future. Integral to the work was the utilising of the local whinstone from a quarry just 2 miles away, which helps reaffirm the theme of local history and context. Furthermore, the images that are sandblasted into the stone are made to take rubbings, so that the work could be used as a tool for learning about local history.

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String Theories and Other Things I Don't Understand, 2021 by Judith Alder

Judith Alder 

This is a selection of drawings from a series totalling more than 30 works created on consecutive days. The series was made within a set of rules designed to echo processes of evolution by allowing only minimal changes between one work and the next so that the drawings gradually evolve using what is learned from one drawing feeding into making of the next. The works consider the networks, meshes and connections which form the structures of the natural world and which now connect natural and man-made.

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‘adumbration of a temporary space’, 2021 by Gary James Williams

Gary James Williams


digital drawing

digital C-type print on crystal archive paper

edition of 15

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