New Art Highlights

26 July - 1 August

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Marc Renshaw, Andrew Parker, Luke Harby and Sue Coulson

Europarc Project, 2021 by Marc Renshaw

Marc Renshaw

Drifting along the M180 - X listens in

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Magic, Mystery and the Weather, 2021 by Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker 

From the nascent project Magic, Mystery and the Weather. A set of photographs exploring the lesser known landscapes of British folklore.

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Chrome window, 2021 by Luke Harby

Luke Harby

A collaboration between Sapphire Goss, an artist who makes films depicting chimerical worlds and myself, an artist who works solely with film photography.

The series of images from the collaboration explore the notion of visual perception utilising stereographs, image merging and the use of Artificial Intelligence to doctor images.

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the day they said the sun was dying, 2021 by Sue Coulson

Sue Coulson


three drawings on tracing paper using pastel, collage and charcoals

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