New Art Highlights

25 - 31 October 2021

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Emily Glass, Paul Gittins, Susannah Douglas and Kyra Clegg.

Feet, 2018 by Emily Glass

Emily Glass

A series of sculptures based on limbs and feet.

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Leaves and oak apples, 2021 by Paul Gittins

Paul Gittins

Leaves and oak apples on poppy stalks rotating on a carbon fibre shaft.

Powered by a small clock motor.

Selected still from a stop frame animation.

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Girls Eating (video still) 2, 2021 by Susannah Douglas

Susannah Douglas

Pencil on paper.

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Confluence of North, 23/10/21 - 27/11/21 by Kyra Clegg

Kyra Clegg

Confluence of North: Spirit of North is an artist-led exchange project between four artists in Scotland (Gillian Macfarlane, Su Grierson, Inge Panneels, Kyra Clegg) and four in Japan. The project addresses the idea that ‘North’ is always conditional, a direction rather than a location, and that our ideas about it can be fundamental to how we see and relate to our own life and culture.

Through real-time international digital links and a final publication, it will connect artists with audiences in both countries.
Current exhibition of Confluence of North is at An Lanntair, Stornaway - 23/10/21 - 27/11/21

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