New Art Highlights

21 - 27 June

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Stella Baraklianou, David Morgan-Davies, noelle genevier and Simon Woolham.

The Magician, 26th June 2021 - 4th July 2021 by Stella Baraklianou

Stella Baraklianou 

Location: Gloam Gallery, 160 Arundel Street Sheffield, S1 4RE

The Magician is a solo exhibition of the work of artist and researcher Stella Baraklianou.

Baraklianou’s practice takes up the idea of the reversible; the reversible encountered in nature, in energy distribution patterns, in magic and folklore, in clothing and garments, and in digital formats and algorithmic codes. Bringing together the material processes of craftwork, textiles, photography and digital fabrication, Baraklianou’s exhibition, which focuses on the presence and absence of ‘The Tarot Magician’.
PV: 4pm, Thu 17 June 2021
Open Sat-Sun 12pm-4pm 19th June until 4th July
160 Arundel Street Sheffield, S1 4RE
Bookings via Eventbrite: see link below

GLOAM is a collectively-run exhibition and studio space located in Sheffield City Centre. It was originally set up by Mark Riddington on Mary Street in 2017. In 2020, GLOAM incororated with a co-operative structure to include six additional co-directors (Stu Burke, Thomas Lee Griffiths, Sam Francis Read, Victoria Sharples & Rose Hedy Squires) and relocated for expansion to Arundel Street; the former location of the DIY music venue, The Lughole.

[email protected], Instagram: @gloamgallery, @stellabarak
Images: Jules Lister
Stella Baraklianou

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Oriel Lockdown, 21st June 2021 - 5th September 2021 by David Morgan-Davies

David Morgan-Davies 

Location: Aberystwyth Arts Centre

With 400 pieces by 160 artists, the exhibition celebrates the value that the arts have played over the period of the pandemic ~ ‘creating an interesting discussion between ‘professional’ and outsider art.’

The two works I am showing are taken from bodies of work made during lockdown: 'My Minds Eye' and 'I Wander', more details can be found on my website.

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Heathland Artworks with Surrey Hills Arts, 25th June 2021 - 31st October 2021 by noelle genevier

noelle genevier  

Location: RSPB Farnham Heath

An exhibition of artwork placed in nature

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Towards The Unknown, 2020 by Simon Woolham

Simon Woolham

'Towards the unknown', installation and performance with Ruby Tingle for 'Drawing Beyond Itself' at AIR Gallery, 2020.

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