New Art Highlights

2 - 7 August 2021

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Tod Hanson, Melanie Rose, Sarah Kudirka and Martin Harman

Box Room, 2021 by Tod Hanson

Tod Hanson

Installation at Port Sunlight village hall.
Part of the Meeting Point programme, from Arts and Heritage, with Arts Council England funding

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Letter 17 - June 1768, 2021 by Melanie Rose

Melanie Rose

Painting inspired by one of Gilbert White's letters, selected by its closeness to one if the four equinox's. This one is about mating toads, paths covered in froglets and flies.

Egg tempera, chalk gesso on birch plywood.
54cm x 30cm

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Flag for the sunshine but wearing layers, 2004-2021 by Sarah Kudirka

Sarah Kudirka

Oil on layered & trashed canvas entitled "Flag for the sunshine, but wearing layers" that recalls the artist's happy childhood holidays on the west coast. It is about bringing back memories of days of sunshine and rain on the sand, playing in wellies, and cardigans to stay warm.

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Space & Contemplation. A Solo Abstract Art Exhibition by Martin Harman

Martin Harman



Space & Contemplation. A Solo Abstract Art Exhibition by Martin Harman

Bristol, UK based artist Martin Harman will be hosting an Online Solo Exhibition called Space & Contemplation from the 27th of August to the 10th of September 2021 at

It is an exhibition consisting of a selection of his abstract collage paintings on canvas that was created out of response to the corona virus pandemic.

“This pandemic has led me to think about the changes happening in the world.
For me it has been characterised by confusion, madness, anger, sadness, awareness, self-education and hope for a better world” said Harman.

Harman created this online exhibition to be a special opportunity for you to see his artworks in a personalised way as this event will include an Online Interactive Virtual Exhibition and a Guided Talk at Curiosity Galley on Sunday 29th of August 2021 at 11am UK time about the artworks on display. This Guided talk will be hosted on Zoom.

“Out of this pandemic I have had to equip myself with new skills to adapt to change. I realised now there are more tools than ever before to create my own opportunities for my art practice. I created this event, because I wanted to create my own online exhibition for the first time, the kind of exhibition I would like myself and others to see. I would like people to experience what I see through my own eyes. I wanted this event to be special and personalised for people who are really interested in my art”.

Martin Harman invites you to be apart of this experience. He welcomes you to Sign up for his Newsletter at: to get his Personal Invitation! as this is a VIP EXCLUSIVE EVENT. You can always unsubscribe at any time.

Martin Harman Welcomes you to join Space & Contemplation. He looks forward to seeing you there.

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