New Art Highlights

19 - 25 April

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Thomas Griffiths, Gill Newton, Chris Dunseath and Paul Smith.

The Locker Room, 2019 by Thomas Griffiths

Thomas Griffiths 

An installation of a locker room.

Cotton, tube socks, tassels, plaster, polyurethane foam, plywood, varnish, vinyl, soap, football net, metal fixings, clothes pegs, plasticine, spray paint.

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A Strange Lightness - Standing thing five, 2020 by Gill Newton

Gill Newton 

A piece from a series of relational sculptural assemblages and drawings made for ‘A Strange Lightness’ an exhibition scheduled for March 2020, postponed due to Covid19. The works will be exhibited in 2022.

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Caldron Series #8 (Iddhi), 2021 by Chris Dunseath

Chris Dunseath 

From my series of sculptures influenced by both ancient cauldrons found in the Museum of Somerset and also aspects of theoretical physics.

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Ah Ah, 2021 by Paul Smith

Paul Smith 

Oil on Canvas
92 x 122cm

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