New Art Highlights

18 - 24 October 2021

New Art Highlights of the week includes: RAAQUU, Elaine Hind, Julie Mecoli and Paul Evans.

Full Copper Matte Large Oval Vase, 2021 by RAAQUU


A mesmerizing sight to behold as soon as the rainbow-like patinas catch your eye. The Oval Vase is a tall, teardrop-shaped design best for adding a touch of elegance and intrigue to an interior space. Made using the Raku technique, it easily becomes a great conversation starter. The full copper matte glaze provides a striking finish to the vase, making it an instant contrast to any interior. With an iridescent splash of metallic-like colors and unique patterns covering the vase’s body after Raku firing, no two pieces are the same.

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my old evening shoes, 2021 by Elaine Hind

Elaine Hind

A porcelain sculpture of my beloved and much battered evening shoes. The two shoes are made separately and can be arranged in any way. The original shoes are black silk, much worn and frayed with embroidery.

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Dark Matter: Future Fossils (proposal), 2021 by Julie Mecoli

Julie Mecoli


Bitumen is a preservative, one of the oldest materials used in building and a subject of scientific interest.

Bitumen has been bubbling out of the ground in Southern California, Southern Iraq and other sites around the world for thousands of years. From the Ice Age to the present, bitumen has perfectly preserved things entrapped in it. Extinct plants and animals from 40,000 years ago have been discovered, preserved on site at Rancho La Brea in the heart of what is now Los Angeles.

Dark Matter: Future Fossils is an artistic response to my on site research collaboration with paleo-scientists and museum curators at La Brea Tar Pits and Museum in Los Angeles. It uses the lens of art to reflect on their work researching the preservative properties of bitumen and the prehistoric stories revealed within of once living organisms, entrapment, deep time and death.

Dark Matter: Future Fossils embeds materials from today in a fossil fuel tomb. It is for others to discover these future fossils, decipher their stories and decide how our fast time present became entrapped in the deadly time of fossil fuels.

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The Virtual Ark, 2020 - 2021 by Paul Evans

Created through a collaborative process developed by artist Paul Evans working alongside writer Rowena Sommerville, The Frozen Ark biobank and Our Big Picture, The Virtual Ark represents a virtual 'gene bank' of endangered species. During lockdown, the artists delivered online creative workshops in schools and communities throughout the North of England, during which participants co-created poetry and sculpture which were submitted to Human VR’s Sheffield-based studio. These texts and sculptures have now been rendered into a beautiful 360 degree digital artwork that is now available to download – and suitable for all devices. The Virtual Ark has been made possible thanks to public funding from Arts Council England’s National Lottery Project Grants programme and by the Wellcome Trust ISSF3 Public Engagement Proof-of-Concept Award #ARKS21stCentury.

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