New Art Highlights

18 - 24 January

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Carol Sharp, Lisa Scantlebury, Jeremy Webb and Robert Dawson

Disturbance, 2019  by Carol Sharp

Carol Sharp 

Eastern mystics have long known that space is not a void and physicists now describe it as a ‘field’ where these interactions take place at the quantum level. Events are seen as ‘disturbances’ in the field, concentrations of energy that create patterns.

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Anyware, 2021 by Lisa Scantlebury

Lisa Scantlebury 

Title: Anyware

Artwork type: Installation
Medium: Ceramic, rope, clips
Year: 2020
Height: 200 cm
Width:200 cm
Depth: 76 cm
RWA Academician Candidates’ Exhibition 2021
Supported using public funding by Arts Council England
Image taken at Kosar Contemporary

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Shoe Egg Yellow 2020 by Jeremy Webb

Jeremy Webb 

Digital photographic print of still life studio shot featuring shiny black mens shoe with egg clamped between heel and sole of shoe, shot against vivid yellow backgroundencil on paper.

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Mutant Sovereignty, 2021 by Robert Dawson

Robert Dawson 

Mutant Sovereignty

clay and fabric printing pigment on canvas
98 x 98 cm
Robert Dawson 2021

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