New Art Highlights

10 - 16 May

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Rachael Nee, Martin Heron, James Gregory and Anna F Hughes

Double Bagged For Safety, 2021 by Rachael Nee

Rachael Nee 

MINDBOMBS (Covid_19 series) Lockdown. You can't be too careful. Together and venturing a tentative feel to the outside.

2021: ink, smoke, graphite on Canson Conservation Board, 23 x 24 cm

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Scrim Sketches, 2021 by Martin Heron

Martin Heron 

A sketchbook full of scrim works. This particular scrim (self adhesive jointing tape for plasterboard) I colour using various media from permanent markers, ink or spray paint.

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Leg, 2021 by James Gregory

James Gregory 

Drawing from the book work "Something's Not Quite Right"

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Sick Waves, 2021 by Anna F Hughes

HD Video

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