New Art Highlights

16 - 22 August 2021

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Lucienne Cole, Lucy Wright, Nick Marsh and Liz West

COME FLY WITH ME, 2021 by Lucienne Cole

Lucienne Cole

Gouache on paper. Derived from a small piece of beaded embroidery on a 1920's cape.

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Plough Witches, 2021 by Lucy Wright

Lucy Wright

Commissioned by Meadow Arts (2021) and exhibited at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery (July 2021) and Mead Gallery (October 2021, as part of the Coventry Biennial).

Plough Witches centralises female and non-binary bodies in a reinvention of the traditional ‘plough play’—a seasonal folk drama performed by men in agricultural communities.

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hullabaloo, 2021 by Nick Marsh

Nick Marsh

Painting on paper 56 x 76 cm.

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Through No.4, 2021 by Liz West

Liz West

Through No. 4 a six-metre long triangular corridor of light and colour created for semi-permanent display at MediaCityUK, Salford and commissioned by Quays Culture.

The walk-through structure encourages visitors to look at their surroundings in a different light. Making their way inside the multi-coloured corridor through either side of the structure, visitors can see the world around them transformed by saturate colour.

The coloured barrier between the outside and inside creates a multi-coloured striped cloak and distortion in an array of different hues and overlaid mixed colours, transforming the usual colourations and appearance of the outside environment.

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