New Art Highlights

15 - 21 November 2021

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Emma Saffy Wilson, Jim Roseveare, Miriam Sheppard and Hayley Field.

Mould Study, 2021 by Emma Saffy Wilson

Emma Saffy Wilson

Part of a series of works on canvas and wood.

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Fish Stock, 2011 by Jim Roseveare

Jim Roseveare

Installation made from polystyrene fish boxes collected from the fish huts of Hastings. The boxes derived from such destinations as Scotland, Norway and even Japan.

Hastings Contemporary Art Gallery can be seen in the background, the construction of which led to many contentious debates. The gallery may be seen as a symbol of gentrification against the background of the working Fisherman's beach of Hastings Old Town. How then was this sculptural installation to be perceived?

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Head in the Clouds, 2019 by Miriam Sheppard

Miriam Sheppard

During Somerset Art Works Festival 2019 I took over The Loft at Heritage Courtyard Gallery and Studios. I used this opportunity to pilot an atmospheric, immersive installation: a drawing large enough to sit inside.

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Totem (modular painting), 2021 by Hayley Field

Hayley Field

Installation of paintings (from bottom): Line Drawing, oil on board / Blue Hair, oil on board / B&W Grid, spray paint on board / Silhouette, oil on board / Pink Glow, oil on board / Lens, oil on board / Sharp Shapes, oil on gesso / plus gesso shapes.

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