New Art Highlights

15 - 21 March

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Victoria Rance, Ian Rayer-Smith, Russell Jakubowski and Judith Alder.

In Real Life at Cable Depot, 2021 by Victoria Rance

Victoria Rance 

12 March - 16 May 2021

Cable Depot is pleased to present ‘In Real Life’ by Victoria Rance – four installations, comprised of film, sculpture and sound suspended in darkness. The films were made over the last eight years: ‘Myth’ (2017), ‘Pan and the goddess’ (2019), ‘River Mercury’ (2012) and ‘The Fates’ (2020), the latest animation made during and after the artist was fighting with Covid. The space and the films are inhabited by Rance’s ‘cast of recurring characters’ 2, such as Loki and his friends and the goddess Nuit, but these are now joined by a new set of darker and more ominous spirits, the Fates, whose plush brown felt appearance does nothing to soften their menacing presence, as they decide on life and death in a shadowy play.

with Blanc Sceol, Charlotte Law and Lydia Julien
Spring Equinox : Sunday 21 March 3-4pm (In Real Life TV)
Easter Sunday : Sunday 4 April 3-4pm (IGTV)
Finissage : Friday 14 May 6-10pm at Cable Depot (performances 9-10pm)

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'Portal’, 2021 by Ian Rayer-Smith

Ian Rayer-Smith 

Acrylic on stretched canvas.

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Solid State, 2019 by Russell Jakubowski

Russell Jakubowski 

This is the final work made during my residency at Watts Gallery, responding to an exhibition there which focussed on the poet Christina Rossetti.

The title Solid State refers to finished work, and the process of arresting fluid ideas and fixing them in position so that they can move forward in time.
This piece has two parts.

The sculptural half of the work embodies a completed verse, multi-layered, fixed and flowing through a pellucid block. To read the text sequentially, as intended by the writer, the work must be viewed from the front. From this angle the profile of Christina’s head is clearly visible, indeed her profile is only made whole by seeing the complete verse. A representation of the poets drive to become herself through writing, and to maintain a clarity of self by creating flowing and precise poetry. A triumphant moment when she had ‘done it’.

The other half of this piece is in video form and was made at the same time. It’s concerned with the materialisation of words and the effort to sequence them. The struggle to organise and construct meaning and give rise to more than a sum of parts.

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PAUSE, 2021 by Judith Alder

Judith Alder 

PAUSE is a temporary exhibition on billboards around Brighton bringing together the work of three

Sussex-based artists for a month in March 2021.“Pause” is supported by advertising agency Ground Up Media and showcases pieces by Judith Alder, Helen Goodwin and Simon Roberts. The project is part of a programme of activities organised by Brighton Artists Network to support artists to bring their practice into public spaces while arts venues remain closed to the public.

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