New Art Highlights

15 - 21 February

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Kristy Campbell, Gill Forsbrook, Jane Stobart and Rosie Leventon

Even Shorter Stories, 2020 by Kristy Campbell

Kristy Campbell 

'Semi-Published' is the lovechild of an artist-writer collaboration. It portrays a process of narrative evolving through image and visa versa. This collection of works is at first a set of ambiguous and inspired titles laid out as book covers, to be followed by a second collection of works formed solely through collaborative effort. 'Semi-Published' establishes a pre-platform for contemporary writers; it offers their writing a stage, accompanied by visuals, to aid the journey of their publication.

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Scaffolding Brooch, 2019 by Gill Forsbrook

Gill Forsbrook 

Brooch, photography and paint. Part of a small series.

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Bazalgette Great Pipe, 2021 by Jane Stobart

Jane Stobart 

One of my 'Lockdown' series of prints. This aquatint measures 30x45cm and has been created during the pandemic, from research drawings that I made in the 1980s when I was artist in residence at the historic Abbey Mills Pumping Station, Stratford.

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Keeping tabs on you, 2021 by Rosie Leventon

Rosie Leventon 

Soya milk carton tabs on paper.

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