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14 - 20 June

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Susan Williams MRSS, Cas Holmes, Chris Wilson and Graham Hembrough RCA.

Pop in the Park, 2021 by Susan Williams MRSS

Susan Williams MRSS 

POP IN THE PARK: Contemporary art comes to Wicksteed Park.

POP IN THE PARK is a series of large-scale, site-related, ephemeral art works taking place at Wicksteed Park, Kettering, 14th June – 12th Sept 2021.

Pop in the Park presents international artist Susan Williams MRSS working in collaboration with Wicksteed Park and local people to create a stream of engaging art experiences including temporary installations, video and animation and online and onsite workshops throughout the summer as part of the Wicksteed Park Centenary Festival of Fun. The project takes place throughout the park with a September exhibition in Wicksteed Park’s central project space and via Wicksteed social media and dedicated social media. This project is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Susan will be working throughout the summer, creating large-scale ‘pop-up’ art works that celebrate the park and its communities. The project will develop a series of installations that appear and disappear throughout the park, mushrooming up, exciting different places and people, prompting discussion and engagement, evolving into an exciting series of art experiences.

Wicksteed Park’s Community and Heritage Manager Tracey Clarke and artist Susan Williams explored the potential of the park to make engaging artworks offering new experiences that reflected everyday lives. Their aim was to engage as wide an audience as possible whilst focussing the important role Wicksteed has in the community. "Wicksteed offers its beautiful landscape and entertainment facilities providing recreation, a meeting place, nature and wellbeing to the people of Kettering. I want to make art that embraces these aspects, embraces the public and encourages conversations. I often use everyday materials, shoes for example, that not only reflects the park’s heritage and history of Kettering but that also act as a bridge, using familiar objects in unusual way"

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North Westerly, 2019-2020 by Cas Holmes

Cas Holmes 

Textiles Mixed media with found materials.

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A Certain Place, 2020 by Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson 

“A Certain Place” can be read in two ways, from a normal linear perspective where the dark landscape outline along the lower edge reads as a land horizon with the sky above, in this reading the little houses can be read as stars, or, from an aerial perspective the dark lower edge can be read as a coastline and the blue area becomes land, a map with highlighted buildings and settlements.

The title of my painting “A Certain Place”, refers to a line in Lucretius epic poem On the Nature of Things which references the ideas of the early Greek philosophers discussions on the existence of atoms and the idea that they can behave in an indeterminate way, that their collisions can involve random behaviour, “at an uncertain place, at an uncertain time”.

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A Long Day Soundscape (Part 1), 2020 - 2021 by Graham Hembrough RCA

This is part 1 from a soundscape trilogy that moves through 24 hours (summarised within a few minutes). A montage of my lockdown walk experiences, sounds and observations of Nature and Natural Elements. Funded through the Arts Council Wales 'Sounds behind the Photographs' project.

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