New Art Highlights

9 - 15 November 2020 

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Antoinette Burchill, Stuart Dodman, Gillian Widden and gobscure.

‘Let’s reimagine political solidarity’ (2019) In ‘Re-Imagining Citizenship Activity Book’, 2019 by Antoinette Burchill

Antoinette Burchill

A chapter within the ‘Re-Imagining Citizenship Activity Book’ pp.13-15. Included in: Re-Imagining Citizenship group exhibition in Loughborough (2019), and at Palazzo Mora at the European Cultural Centre, Venice Biennale (2019).

‘What is at stake in re-imagining new forms of citizenship and modes of civic participation? How can the notion of citizenship – in our trans/post-national society – be reconfigured without subjection? How can it help us to transform our practices, behaviours and environments?

The exhibition [Re-Re-Imagining Citizenship 2019] brings together a range of audio-visual and text-based responses with contributions by students, researchers and artists from across and beyond the University. The display booth was designed and manufactured by Assunta Ruocco and Zak Jones, photographed by Phil Wilson.

Re-Imagining Citizenship is a collaborative project initiated by the Politicised Practice/Anarchism/Theatre Activism Research Groups at Loughborough University. The project is supported by the Institute of Advanced Studies and the Enterprise Projects Group.’

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Drawing 071120, 2020 by Stuart Dodman

Stuart Dodman

Wool wall drawing.

During lockdown I've been making small installations/exhibitions in a clear part of my studio. As part of that I've also been making daily wall drawings.

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Ball and Chain (pair), 2016 by Gillian Widden

Gillian Widden

Seaweed, (Bladder Wrack, Fuscus vesiculosus), metal

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fireflowers, 2020 by gobscure


fireworks for 2020 c.e.

punk is a smoulderstick used to light fireworks

(& also incorporated into cover of our latest album zoonpolitikon -


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