New Art Highlights

9 - 15 March 2020

New Art Highlights of the week includes Darren Neave, Robert McCubbin, Kristy Campbell, Shaheen Ahmed

Wedgwoodfleshlight, 2020 by Darren Neave

Darren Neave

Two Wedgwood vases and Injection moulded TPE (Rubber)

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Ploughshare, 2020 by Robert McCubbin

Robert McCubbin

Documentary 35 mm colour print 7 x 5 inch.

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formation of the, 2020 by Kristy Campbell

Kristy Campbell 

'Semi-Published' is the lovechild of an artist-writer collaboration. It portrays a process of narrative evolving through image and visa versa. This collection of works is at first a set of ambiguous and inspired titles laid out as book covers, to be followed by a second collection of works formed solely through collaborative effort. 'Semi-Published' establishes a pre-platform for contemporary writers; it offers their writing a stage, accompanied by visuals, to aid the journey of their publication.

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Rescue Me, 2020 by Shaheen Ahmed

Shaheen Ahmed 

2019 Laser cut, Hand Embroidered Archival Map Print of England, Silk Thread, Inks

Part of an upcoming group show at Wolverhampton Art Gallery Asian Women in Focus. 10th April - 14th June 2020

I often revisit this map of England simply due to the striking colours, which remind me of my ancestral land, Pakistan, As a child, I learnt how to write in Urdu, the script that I have used here in this artwork. I decided against hand cutting this map as I wanted to erect tiny tent like structures alongside larger tent shapes. The complexity of creating these structures, involves several layers of maps each having a variation of incisions. I wanted the tent like structures to almost merge in the background, by matching the pure silk thread to the main hue of the map. The geological aspect of the map emphasises the burden that Primordial Earth is being put through. One wonders who needs rescuing more; the Earth or its inhabitants.
Image credit: David Rowan

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