New Art Highlights

7 - 13 December 2020

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Margaret Ashman, Anna Lytridou, Steve Oliver and nikkita morgan.

Ogamu Series/Higher Ground, 2020 by Margaret Ashman

Margaret Ashman

I created a series of etchings featuring video stills of the American dancer Tashara Gavin-Moorehead, dancing to Witney Houston Song, I Love the Lord.

The series comprised eight pieces Ogamu, Naku, Kaisai,Joi, Nayami, Junan, Kushin, Kuno , all 60 x 50 cm; three smaller pieces Keep Dancing, Summer Breeze, Summer Evening, 36 x 26 cm; 4 mini prints Dance!1, Dance!2, Dance!3, Dance!4 each 10 x 8 cm

The series was shown in a solo exhibition at the Muse Gallery, London in November 2019

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Anna Lytridou

“Proving Socrates was wrong” comprises a wall piece and a metal construction with two paintings and un-stretched linen fabric.The title refers to a quote from the Greek philosopher Socrates which states that "Trees and open country won't teach me anything, but men in the city do.” This is something which I disagree with, my work primarily uses elements from so called traditional landscapes but in a way that alters the urban spaces they are generally exhibited in.

The paintings combine outlines and shapes that usually we find in nature such as rivers, lakes, mountains, waterfall and rocks. All the elements are based on photographs that have been taken during my long walks in places around Lake District.

This work was created during the Radical Resident Residency at Unit 1 Gallery Workshop and exhibited at the gallery in November 2019.

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Cartoon Networks, 2020 by Steve Oliver

Steve Oliver

Lambda print on clear acrylic.

Edition of two, plus one artist's proof.

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Bollocks to Brexit Stitch Plan, 2020 by nikkita morgan

Nikkita Morgan

Thanks to the a-n bursary, time, space and money, i have been able to spend time researching creative ways to teach and/or share my skills with others virtually.

This is my first digital embroidery pattern document that i have been designing. It's still not 100% but I am keen to continue to make more all in-relation to my own practice.

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