New Art Highlights

6 - 12 July 2020

New Art Highlights of the week includes Sally Lemsford, Izabela Brudkiewicz, Estelle Woolley and Lucy Wright

EQUALITea, 2018 by Sally Lemsford

Sally Lemsford

Co-production of a celebration of 100 years since the Suffragettes achieved votes for women.

Derbyshire village hall/school/Alfreton precinct.

Image: Sally Lemsford

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The child cut piece, 2020 by Izabela Brudkiewicz

Izabela Brudkiewicz

"The child cut piece", May 2020 is a re-enactment of iconic video performance “Cut piece” by Yoko Ono from 1965. This body of artwork is a part of an ongoing series of video re-enactments of master contemporary video art pieces with the addition of my children, created during the COVID- 19 pandemic, 2020. The series aims to explore how and to what extent the original context of the pieces is being changed by involving children.

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Poison, 2020 by Estelle Woolley

Estelle Woolley

Over lockdown, Woolley has been producing a series of photographic self portraits wearing facemasks composed of delicate and ephemeral natural materials. These have been collected from her daily walks, where she has been homing in on her immediate surroundings, paying close attention to the plant life as it comes in and out of season.

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Out of the Ashes, 2020 by Lucy Wright

Lucy Wright

Work-in-progress exploring parallels between ash dieback in the ash population and Covid19 in humans.

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