New Art Highlights

5 - 11 October 2020

New Art Highlights of the week includes Chris Wilson, gobscure, Dawid Stroyny and Arron Kuiper

A Certain Place V, 2020 by Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson

Painting, landscape, map

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provoked to madness by the brutality of wealth, 2020 by gobscure


a 'support worker' once said what dya need books for yr homeless? so we took our revenge - 13 years of reading graduating from the open university. and then we made an installation and an album, (first seen in at of protest, bethlem gallery ), a performance recently launched at slung low leeds ('moving, powerful, eloquent' - their words) and zine-crimescenetape-interactive-website for participants

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Embrace, 2018 by Dawid Stroyny

Dawid Stroyny

A portrait of my family dynamics, consisting of three self-embraces falling randomly on one another. Inspired by the shape of arms, I manipulated the clay into irregular circular forms and cast the glass from a mould taken from the clay. The arrangement of the forms was arrived at without deliberate intention. The only stipulation was that they should be in contact with each other.

Satin effect polish throughout.

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Night Lights, 2019 by Arron Kuiper

Arron Kulper

A journey around my favourite streetlights in Cardiff, at once viewed from above as a semi-abstract whole or explored individually at ground level.

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